Horizontal Knockout Vessels

The basic horizontal knockout pot shown in Figure P-10 can have internals configured many different ways. As with vertical vessels, careful consideration must be given to the nature of the fluids the impingement device is to deal with. Corrosives and foulants play a significant role in the selection of the types of internals used.

Basic Horizontal Liquid / Gas Separator

The velocity limits described in Section P1.0 still apply, as they are meant to ensure that the selected internals are operated within their efficiency range. As with all other mist elimination applications, the inlet surface area of the mist elimination device is used when determining the optimum velocity or K factor, not the crosssectional area of the vessel.

Figure P-11 illustrates an example of a horizontal vessel equipped with mesh pad and liquid storage area. Figure P-12 illustrates several other alternative internal configurations that, if designed within the criteria previously discussed, will provide good protection from liquid carryover.

Horizontal Knockout Vessel (Example Configuration)Horizontal Knockout Vessel (Example Configuration)

Variations of Horizontal Knockout Internals

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