Followup Surveillance

During the time between periodic compression analysis, plant personnel may perform followup surveillance of equipment highlighted by the analysis team. This followup surveillance consists of the following:

• Visually inspect the compressor/engine;
• Record gage pressures and temperatures per individual equipment “road maps;”
• Monitor and record valve cover temperatures;
• Note oil levels; i.e., crankcase, McCord, Trabon, etc.;
• Use ultrasonic translator to help locate leaking and broken valves, valve covers, rod packing, and auxiliary equipment leaks; and
• Monitor temperatures on fuel injection valves and starting air check valves.

Plant personnel should also review the surveillance schedule to determine which compressors are due for analysis the next period. Notification should be given responsible parties to make sure the equipment is online and available.

A periodic surveillance report should be prepared for each piece of equipment in order to inform operations of any problems in their plant. Care should be taken to ensure that all interested parties understand this information.

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