Dry Gas Seals – Seal gas monitoring

The seal gas should be monitored for proper pressure, flow and temperature. The following devices and locations are suggested:
• Pressure indication (and recording for critical services) downstream of pressure regulator or control valve. Measurement should be consistent with control method (differential vs. absolute). Low and high pressure (or differential pressure) alarms should be included at the same location.
• For double seal arrangements, a low, low pressure shutdown (see Shutdown Protection section).
• Flow indication (and recording for critical services), with high and low alarms on seal gas supply header. Orifice-type flow meters are recommended.
• Except when using nitrogen, temperature indication (and recording for potentially saturated gases), with high and low alarms on seal gas supply header downstream of all pressure significant pressure drops.
• High temperature alarm, if there is a possibility of seal gas temperature approaching mechanical limits of seal.

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