Centrifugal Compressors – Foundation Mounting

Centrifugal compressors are installed on either soleplates or fabricated steel baseplates. The baseplates may be of the non-self-supporting or self-supporting type, depending on site requirements. These intermediate supports provide a permanent mounting point for the machine feet, which can then be shimmied for final location and alignment. In many cases, the baseplate is extended to support both the driver and driven equipment, and in cases such as off-shore installations, it can also contain the lube and seal system. The baseplate simplifies installation.

Section700 contains a detailed checklist including foundation mounting. This checklist may be used in conjunction with Specification MAC-MS-3907, Grouting of Machinery for Foundation Mounting. (See the General Machinery Manual for more information on foundations, anchor bolts, and grouting.) Section100 includes criteria for establishing forces to be used in foundation design for centrifugal compressors.

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